What's produc.codes?

produc.codes is a lite version of an ecommerce platform that creates no e-store, but standalone product links that enable sellers to sell anywhere.

produc.codes breaks down the hard pieces of the ecommerce store structure (for example, the templates), and eliminates all the tedious parts of buying process such as being required to log in, sign up or complete email verification before making orders. This allows sellers to truly and effectively sell their products anywhere, such as on social media like Facebook, inside chatrooms like WhatsApp and WeChat, blogs, websites and offline print media, and all via big and tiny screen devices like PCs, mobile and tablets.

Why produc.codes?

For Sellers

Simple and professional

A powerful yet simple tool for you to manage and control your online business like a pro. You can start selling online within minutes. There’s no template to set up - just upload your products and you are ready to go!

For Buyers

Easy and secure

It’s super easy for your buyer to place an order - no login, sign-up or email verification is required before placing an order. All that’s needed is just the buyer’s name and email address! Each step of the transaction process is done via email, and it’s completely secure!

How does it works?


Just copy the standalone product link you create in produc.codes and start posting it on any social media platform like Facebook or Twitter.

Your buyers can now place orders without having to PM (Private Message) you.


Simple Fee

It's free to sign up and you can start selling using produc.codes with full features, or upgrade your account to any of the plan below start from MYR99 per year per business account.

Plan Details
Ruby Well
Free Forever
Pearl River
MYR 99 / year
Sapphire Lake
MYR 399 / year
Emerald Sea
MYR 1799 / year
Diamond Ocean
MYR 2899 / year
Online Banking
2% + MYR 0.80
1.5% + MYR 0.80
1.0% + MYR 0.80
0.5% + MYR 0.80
MYR 1.30 Flat
Online Banking (Corporate)
E.g.: Maybank2E
2% + MYR 2.00
1.5% + MYR 2.00
1.0% + MYR 2.00
0.5% + MYR 2.00
MYR 2.50 Flat
Credit Card
3.5% + MYR 0.80
2.8% + MYR 0.50
1.95% + MYR 0.50
4.5% + MYR 0.80
3.8% + MYR 0.50
2.9% + MYR 0.50
4.5% + MYR 0.80
3.8% + MYR 0.50
2.9% + MYR 0.50
Cash (7-Eleven)
3.5% + MYR 1.00
2.8% + MYR 1.00
2.8% + MYR 1.00
2.3% + MYR 1.00
1.95% + MYR 1.50
Features & Functions
Full Access
Full Access
Full Access
Full Access
Full Access
Choose your plan base on your annual sales:
Annual sales is
< MYR20,000
Annual sales is
< MYR80,000
Annual sales is
< MYR360,000
Annual sales is
< MYR580,000
Annual sales is
> MYR580,000
and average order size is
> MYR100 per order
This new pricing is effective from 09th April 2018.
* All prices of the annual subscription fee are per company/business account (One produc.codes user account can create up to 30 company/business accounts).
** Price are subject to change without prior notice.


Account Type
Unverified Account
Verified Account
Online Banking Channel
Online Banking Channel (For corporate account)
Example: Maybank2E
Credit Card Channel
Alipay Channel
UnionPay Channel
Cash (7-Eleven) Channel
Fund Withdrawal Limit
MYR 3,000 / month
No Limit
How do I verify my account? Click here to watch the video.


No Signup Required

Many buyers give up on purchasing and leave while placing their order due to the tedious processes like registering a new account and having to verify their email before placing an order. produc.codes requires no signup or login while placing an order – buyers are just required to provide a name and an email to place an order.

Standalone Product Link

The produc.codes standalone product links have a built-in shopping cart and checkout system that allow your buyers to place orders directly on the product page without having to navigate back to an ecommerce store.

Multiple Product Links

One single product can create multiple product links to be used in different places. Each link has its own statistics and analytics for tracking purposes.

Other eCommerce Features

Manage Product / Manage Order / Manage Payment / Manage Customer / Shipping Rate Setting / Payment Gateways Integration / Stock Keeping Unit(SKU) / Multiple Currency Support

Supported payment channels

Online banking,    Credit Card,    Alipay,    UnionPay,    Cash Payment (7-Eleven)

produc.codes is now OSPARK!
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